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116th Infantry Regiment Foundation, Incorporated

In order to raise money for operational requirements and meet the demand for 116th Infantry Regiment items, we are proud to offer the following:

Shirts come in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large (recommend one size larger than you normally wear).  The low profile hat is one-size-fits-all with a comfortable band and closed back.

A Personal History
by John J. Barnes
$15 + $4 shipping

"29 Let's Go" by James Dietz

$100 + $20 shipping - Unframed

$250 + $50 shipping - Framed
Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery via UPS.

Frame Type

In cooperation with American Art and Antiques

The Major of Saint

starring Peter Graves

From Corinth Films, Inc.  

On Videotape Only

$20.00 + $4 shipping


Clothing Items (Shirts, Hats, Lapel Pins)

Golf Shirts (in White, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Tan, Black and Green)

$5 shipping



Henley Shirts (in Gray, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Green, and Tan)

$5 shipping



NOW in short sleeves, too!



 Low Profile Hat (Baseball Cap) (in Tan and Green)

$1.00 shipping



 No Picture Available at this Time

Boonie Hat (in Tan and Green)

$1.00 shipping


Regimental Lapel Pins (currently out of stock)

$1.00 shipping

Race Shirts (both 2002, and 2003 , size and year subject to availability) This is a comfortable long sleeve ?T? shirt with Regimental icons.


$5.00 shipping



To order using a money order or check, please e-mail the for an invoice which will be e-mailed to you. Send in the invoice with your check or money order. We are pleased to be able accept credit cards or conduct on-line ordering courtesy of PayPal.  Remember all sales are handled by volunteers so all profits go to the Regiment!


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