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Adcock, Waverly B. email:

Home Page:

Employer: AMC --listed 11/14/2008

Other: West Augusta Guard Reenactment Group

Albrecht, Steve email:

Employer: Walnut Hills Campground --listed 03/13/2000

Aldhizer, Eric email:

Home Page: and

Employer: Pepsi-Cola --listed 12/07/1999

Alonzo, Ronald T. email:

Employer: Frymaster Corp.Inc. --listed 07/09/1999

Allred, Wesley email:

Employer: City of Staunton --listed 01/26/2000

Altau, Karl email:

--listed 08/08/1996

Andrick, Jack email:

Employer: Ohio State University --listed 06/05/1997, revised 04/29/2003

Armentrout, Crystal email:

Home Page:

Employer: OK Promotions --listed 09/28/1999

Auen, Mike & Gail email:

Personal Home Page: Professional Machine Quilting

Employer: Genicom Corporation, Mary Baldwin College --listed 12/19/95, revised 11/01/1999

Barton, Stephanie email:

Employer: MBC --listed 07/09/1999

Balsley, Greg email:

Employer: Real Estate III --listed 05/13/2001

Batley, Jay & Ann email:

Employer: U.S. Senate, Student, Mary Baldwin College --listed 11/09/95

Bean, Angela email:

Home Page:

Employer: unemployed --listed 02/18/2001

Bean, Jason email:

Employer: ChoiceOne Communications of Albany, NY --listed 11/07/2002

Bell, Barbara (Smoogie) email:

-- listed 04/29/2003

Other: Graduated Booker T. Washington HS June 1965

Benson, Josh email:

--listed 04/10/2000

Berry, Cheryl M. "Missy" email:

Employer: Staunton City Schools --listed 04/22/1999

Betlej, Bill email:

Employer: Mary Baldwin College --listed 10/05/95

Biby, Chris email:

Employer: Coca-Cola --listed 05/13/2001

Birotte, Wendy email:

Employer: Child Service Coordinator, New Directions Center Inc. --listed 11/07/2001, revised 11/14/2008

Personal home page:

Black, Reeva email:

Employer: Student --listed 10/27/2003

Other: Used to live in Staunton but moved to Pa! I miss Staunton so much!

Boshart, Rick email:

Employer: Ntelos --listed 11/07/2002

Boone, Jennifer email:

--listed 08/01/2002

Bosserman, Donna L. email:

--listed 05/20/2002

Bottenfield, Karen J. email:

Employer: Vellines, Cobbs, Goodwin & Glass, P.L.C. --listed 04/25/2000

Bourdow, Joe email:

Employer: Val-Pak Direct Marketing Systems, Inc. --listed 08/01/1999

Bowen, Gordon email:

Employer: Mary Baldwin College --listed 12/03/95

Bowers, Tim email:

Employer: Southern Virginia University, Buena Vista --listed 09/04/95, revised 03/17/2007

Boyle, Laura L. email:

Employer: student --listed 04/03/2000

Bradley, Debra D. email:

Employer: Mary Baldwin College --listed 03/17/2001, revised 11/07/2002

Branson, Adam email:

Employer: CFW Communications, Inc. --listed 12/08/1999

Breeden, Lynne email:

--listed 11/15/1999, revised 02/20/2001

Brobeil, Peter J. email:

--listed 08/01/2002, revised 5/14/2003

Brooks, Dwayne T email:

--listed 02/18/2001

Brown, Michael C. email:

Employer: Michael C. Brown, Architect --listed 05/28/2002, revised 4/10/2008

Brown, Kelvin email:

Employer: Matsushita Avionics --listed 11/19/2000

Brown, Michael T. email:

Employer: retired Staunton Correctional Center, Clinical Social Worker --listed 12/30/1999, revised 03/13/2007

Brown, Milton email:

Employer: graduated from Lee High in '76 --listed 05/28/2002

Brown, Sandy email:

--listed 01/09/2001

Brumit, David email:

Employer: State of Virginia --listed 02/18/2001

Brumley, Allirea (Hartless) email:

--listed 11/19/2000

Buckingham, Barbara email:

Personal home page:

Employer: self employed artist --listed 01/26/2000, revised 03/25/2001

Burnett, Jim email:

Employer: Shenendoah Valley Software Development --listed 05/13/2001

Burns, David email:

revised 3/22/2006

Burns, Jr., Harold W. "Sonny" email:

Employer: retired from American Safety Razor --listed 08/29/1996, revised 10/03/2003

Buss, Mark E email:

Employer: Scott & Stringfellow, Financial Advisor, Investments --listed 12/25/2001

Butler, Doris email:

Employer: Southeast Marion Baptist church --listed 02/18/2001

Byrd, Carole email:

--listed 03/17/2002

Campbell, Lisa email:

Employer: RE/MAX ADVANTAGE --listed 05/28/2002

Campbell, Randy email:

Employer: Re/Max Advantage --listed 07/10/2000, revised 05/28/2002

Carpenter, Deidre email:

--listed 05/20/2002

Case, William A. "Bill" email:

Home Page:

Employer: For the Health of It --listed 02/18/2001

Cash, Bonnie & Alfret email:

Employer: Retired --listed 11/07/2002

Other: Graduates of R.E. Lee High School, 1949/1950, lived in Staunton until 1954, living in Petersburg, VA. Bonnie (Rowe) is a graduate of Dunsmore Business College. We have wonderful memories of growing up in Staunton and still visit frequently.

Caudy, Daniel C. email:

Employer: GHK Associates-Chicago --listed 02/28/2002

Other: an SMA Graduate

Chichester, Holly M. email:

Employer: City of Staunton Horticulturist --listed 07/10/2000, revised 05/13/2001

Clark, Amanda email:

Employer: The Ballenger Group --listed 10/03/2003

Other: Attending Salisbury University in Maryland for BA in Psychology (Criminal)

Clark, Heather (Kadian) email:

Clark, Susan email:

Student at McSwain Elementary School --listed 03/05/1996, revised 1/23/2005

Clausen, Adrian email:

Employer: self-employed, computer networking and repair --listed 06/10/1999

Clem, Sam email:

Employer: Electronic Data Systems, Inc. --listed 12/17/1995, revised 01/09/2001

Clements, Charles S. email:

Employer: Retired --listed 03/11/2000

Clements, John L. email:

Employer: D.P.M., Blue Ridge Podiatry Assoc. Ltd. --listed 04/22/1999

Cochran, Doug email:

Employer: City of Staunton --listed 02/16/2000, revised 03/13/2007

Other: Riverheads '63

Cole, Jerry L. email:

Home Page:

Employer: JerryLCole, auto sales consultant --listed 05/20/2002

Collins, Jeff email:

--listed 11/07/2002

Other: musician

Compton, Dennis and Aggie email:

--listed 03/12/2002

Other: Living in Winchester, Virginia

Conner, David S. email:

Employer: Target --listed 12/07/1999

Cook, Fonia D. email:

--listed 10/21/1999, revised 12/28/2002

Cooner, Walter email:

Employer: U.S. Air Force --listed 09/26/2000

Corns, Mike email:

Home Page:

Employer: Lexpar Corporation --listed 10/06/1999, revised 04/25/2000

Craig, Steven W. email:

Craig, Heather email:

Employer: Neuman Aluminum Usa --listed 04/19/2006

Critzer, Mark email:

Employer: DuPont Electronics, RTP, NC --listed 03/11/1999

Crolius, Tucker email:

--listed 06/24/1996

Daughn, Stacy email:

-- listed 08/01/2002

Davis, John W. email:

Home Page:

Employer: Cabinetworks, Inc --listed 08/01/00

Davis, Robert email:

Employer: MBNA America Corp --listed 05/20/2002

Deitz, Andrew and Whitney email:

Employer: Adecco --listed 04/29/2003

Dickie, Robert email:

Home Page:

Employer: House of Scotland, graduate Lee High School '73 --listed 06/03/1996, revised 05/13/2001

Dixon, Julia Theresa email:

Employer: Captain Sam's, Spice It Up Parties --listed 05/20/2002, revised 12/28/2002

Dingledine, Steve email:

Home Page:

Employer: World Bank --listed 10/06/2000

Doyle, Ricky email:

Home Page: Ricks Entertainment

Employer: Ricks Entertainment DJ Service --listed 12/25/2001

Dunnings, Todd email:

Employer: Jefferson Supply --listed 04/29/2003

Other: R.E. Lee grad '87; Married Charlene Spears WMHS '83; 2 girls Chanise 14 & Taylor 6

Elmore, David L. email:

Employer:Bookkeeping & Management Systems --listed 06/20/1996

Ergenbright, Matthew L. email:

--listed 05/30/2000

Ergenbright, Ray email:

Employer: City of Staunton --listed 11/18/95

Ergenbright, Roger W. email:

Employer: Tony's Pizza Service --listed 04/23/1999

Ettinger, Conard email:

Employer: American Safety Razor --listed 03/22/1996

Ewing, Janet S. email:

Employer: Mary Baldwin College --listed 10/06/95

Fagan, Veronica email:

Employer: Self employed, substituting at Ware and Dixon elementary schools --listed 12/30/1999

Fauber, Heather email:

Employer: Student, Shenandoah University --listed 11/19/2000, revised 08/01/2002

Howard-Finney, Gail email:

--listed 08/12/2001

Fisher, Sandy email:

Home Page:

Employer: Student, Mary Baldwin College --listed 07/29/2001

Fisher, Sandy email:

Employer: Air Land Sproul Real Estate --listed 07/29/2001

Fitzgerald, Angela email:

Employer: self-employed, Lee High Grad 1997 --listed 11/07/2001

Fitzgerald, Mark email:

Employer: Jarvis Steel and Lumber --listed 10/03/2003, revised 4/10/2008

Other: R.E. Lee High School 1972

Fitzhugh, Elisabeth email:


Employer: Spiritual coaching and guidance --listed 03/13/2007

Foley, Peggy Hise email:

Employer: Pueblo County Public Trustee --listed 11/19/2000

Frend, Michael email:

Employer: Frend Auto --listed 03/17/2001

Frost, Darryl email:

Employer: US Army --listed 05/10/1999

Fultz, Arlene email:

--listed 04/10/2000

Funk, Dan email:

Employer: Robert E. Funk Land Surveying --listed 09/07/1996

Funk, Gary email:

Employer: Norandex / Reynolds --listed 04/19/2006

Other info: President of "The Stonewall Brigade Band"

Gayhart, Jr., Joseph R. email: and

--listed 12/23/95, revised 02/25/2001

Gayhart, Mildred (Milly) McCrary email:

Employer: Retired --listed 04/29/2003

Other: Now living in Florida

Gearheart, Keith D. email:

--listed 11/30/1999

George, Brenda email:

Employer: Days Inn, Mint Springs --listed 11/14/2008

Gilkeson, George M. email:

Info: Robert E.Lee H.S. Class of '41- That's right - '41

Employer: retired from Dupont --listed 06/19/2000

Gillies, John email:

--listed 09/19/1996

Glass, Jeff email:

Student: Virginia Tech --listed 03/08/1996

Glendye, Steve email:

Employer: Disabled --listed 04/29/2003

Other: Class of 1976 Wilson Memorial, living in Orlando Florida

Goff, Dan email:

Home Page:

Employer: A Goff --listed 03/17/2001

Gordon, H. Carriel email:

Employer: self employed consultant --listed 07/10/2000

Graves, John Robert email:

Employer: County of Marin CA & United Presbyterian Church --listed 05/13/2001, revised 04/29/2003

Other: Looking for Page Family information

Gray, Jim email:

Employer: U. S. EPA --listed 10/03/2003

Other: R. E. Lee Class of 1964

Green, Richard D. email:

Employer: Degesch America, Inc. --listed 03/01/1996, revised 11/01/1999

Griffin, Emily Diggs email:

Employer: retired rural mail carrier --listed 05/31/1999

Griffin, Marvin email:

--listed 02/18/2001

Grogan, Jody email:

Employer: Staunton City Schools --listed 11/24/1995

Grove, Michael email:

Employer: (Memphis, TN); University of Memphis; R. E. Lee Grad, class of 2000

Hagen, John L. email:

Employer: Ingram-Hagen & Co. --listed 04/14/1996

Hages, Nannette & Timothy email:

--listed 07/31/2000

Hale, Cynthia email:

Employer: unemployed --listed 11/07/2002

Other: searching for parents of little ones who want their children to have a playgroup

Hall, Craig email:

Employer: Nortel, RTP, NC --listed 04/23/1999, revised 04/03/2007

Hamrick, Jane L. email:

--listed 08/17/1999

Hanger Sr., John R. email:

Employer: Valley Community Services Board

Harmon, Becci email:

Employer: Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Detention Home --listed 05/31/1999

Harris, Shannon (McCoy) email:

Employer: United Food & Commercial Workers International Union, Washington, DC --listed 04/03/2000, revised 08/01/2002

Harter, Keith email:

Home Page:

Employer: Keith Harter Music, now residing in San Antonio, Tx --listed 11/07/2002

Hawkins, Kirsten email:

Employer: Private financial advisor, VP, SunTrust Investment Services, Inc. --listed 11/07/2002, revised 03/13/2007

Hazlett, Lori Beth email:

Home Page:

Employer: Real Estate Plus --listed 01/09/2001, revised 3/22/2006

Heffner, Lola Q. email:

Employer: Commonwealth Center for Children --listed 03/26/2004

Heike, Val K. email:

Employer: Whitewolf House & Pet Sitting Service --listed 10/03/2003

Other: (866)866-0583,Horse,Cow,Cat or Dog. Gone a Day or longer call

Heinsman, Stephen email:

Employer: Panhandle Auto rentals/ Budget Car and Truck Rentals Panama City Beach Florida --listed 10/03/2003, revised 03/13/2007

Other: Graduated R.E. Lee, class of 2000

Heintz, Bill & Elaine email:

Employer: Retired, U. S. Navy --listed 12/01/2003

Other: Working part time at Summit Square Retirement Community in Waynesboro

Hensley, Michael A. email:

Employer: Mentor Technologies, Inc --listed 04/14/2000

Hildebrand, Seth email:

--listed 04/25/2000

Hill, W. Stephen email:

Employer: Marine Corps Historical center --listed 02/16/2000

Hinchee, Jerry email:

--listed 07/14/1996

Hite, Don G. email:

Employer: Trade Mart Realty --listed 04/30/1999

Hite, Gail S. email:

Personal Home Page:

Employer: Trade Mart Realty --listed 04/30/1999

Hobbs, Sarah Jane email:

Employer: student --listed 03/17/2000

Holland, Kelley email:

Employer: FreeLance --listed 06/05/1997, revised 03/19/2001

Holmes, Terry email:

Home Page:

Employer: Mill Street Grill --listed 11/19/2000

Horvath, Bob email:

Employer: Retired --listed 04/26/2004

Other: lived at Staunton Military Academy 1945 to 1948

Houston, Charlie & Polly Kiracofe email:

Employer: Retired --listed 03/31/1999, revised 10/06/2000

Hoy, Donna email:

Employer: Certified Massage Therapist --listed 12/25/2001

Huffer, Melissa C. email:

--listed 08/01/2002, revised 04/29/2003

Huffman, Terence email:

Employer: Country Cookin' --listed 11/07/2001

Humphrey, Janet E. nee Collins email:

Employer: Lansing Correctional Facility (Kansas Dept.of Corrections) --listed 11/06/1999

Hunt, Eileen email:

Employer: Charlottesville Aquatics, Inc. --listed 12/25/2001, revised 02/28/2002

Hunt, Joyce email:

--listed 11/07/2002

Other: Grandmother born at Naked Creek, great grandmother buried in Staunton

Hurst, Darrell W. Dr. email:

Employer: Blue Ridge Community College --listed 09/26/2000, revised 12/28/2002

Hurst, Leann email:

Employer: Student @ Southern Methodist University --listed 11/07/2002

Jackson, Debbie Knopp email:

Employer: Fairfax County Police Department, 1970 graduate of Lee High --listed 11/07/2001

Jacquez, Marianna email:

Employer: Student --listed 06/16/2003

Jarvis, Donna Tolar email:

Employer: US Air Force --listed 11/15/1999

Jenkins, Mark A. email:

Employer: Jenkins Security Services, Inc. --listed 03/17/1996

Jenkins, Steven & Renae email:

--listed 07/20/1999

Jensen, Eric email:

Employer: Smith and Jensen P.C. --listed 12/25/2001

Jensen, Jim & Teresa email:

Employer: Potomac Conference/Mountainside Software --listed 04/03/2000

Johnson, Bruce email:

Employer: Monument Real Estate --listed 05/05/1999

Johnson, John D. Sr. email:

Employer: Cleveland Police Dept.(retired) --listed 04/19/2006, revised 03/13/2007

Other info: Attended D Webster Davis School in 1953 and Booker T Washington High School from 1954 to 1955

Jones, Caroline email:

Employer: Charlottesville City Schools --listed 01/09/2001

Jordan, Bob email:

Employer: Real Estate Plus --listed 11/19/2000

Jordan, Cindy email:

Employer: Vellines, Cobbs, Goodwin & Glass --listed 06/19/1999

Kesterson, Larry email:

Employer: The Philadelphia Inquirer --listed 02/06/1996

Keyser, Vicki Van Fossen email:

Employer: Staunton Public Schools --listed 09/28/1999

Killian, Frank Wayne Jr. email:

--listed 03/13/2007

King, Debbie B. email:

Employer: PMH --listed 08/01/2002

Kirkland, Faye H. email:

Employer: Black, Noland & Read, P.L.C. --listed 06/26/1999

Kitchen, Jennifer L. LMT email:

Home Page:

Other: Licensed Massage Therapist in downtown Staunton

Employer: Tabula Rasa Massage --listed 03/13/2007

Kivlighan, John Joseph email:

Employer: retired, Hewlett-Packard Corp. --listed 01/03/1996, revised 03/13/2007

Knicley, Fay L. email:

--listed 04/19/2004

Knicley, Jerry L. email:

Employer: Western State Hospital Fiscal Department --listed 04/19/2004

Koehler, Meagan email:

Employer: Boys and Girls Club of Taunton, MA, Social Worker --listed 03/12/2002

Koenig, William email:

Employer: Park Service --listed 04/10/2008

Krichbaum, Ken email:

Employer: Cox Enterprises- Daytona Beach, FL --listed 08/01/2002

Kyle, W. Ken email:

Retired --listed 09/08/1995

Lachey, Emily and Jami email:

Employer: Riverheads High the best school near Staunton --listed 03/13/2000

Lamb, Tesi Kilmartin email:

--listed 02/18/2001

Lane, Randy & SueAnn email:

Employer: Alcoa Building Products --listed 03/13/2000, revised 08/01/2000

Lanum, George, Shelvey and Shari email:

Personal home page: Shari;

Shari; R.E. Lee High School --listed 06/05/1997, revised 11/14/2008

Larkins, William email:

Employer: Retired from US Patent & Trademark Office --listed 04/29/2003

Larsen, Carl email:

--listed 09/26/2000

Leach, Ashley Stuart email:

Employer: Dupont Community Credit Union --listed 05/02/2002, updated 10/03/2003

Other: 92 graduate of Stuarts Draft, 98 graduate of Virginia Tech, Member of Augusta Lions Club

Lee, Brenda email:

Employer: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Leonard, Mike email:

--listed 06/26/1999

Lester, Kimberly email:

Employer: Augusta County Emergency Operations Center. & WNLR 1150 AM --listed 06/19/2000, revised 12/28/2002

Levin, Bud email:

Home page:

Home page:

Employer: Department Head/Psychology, Blue Ridge Community College --listed 01/13/1996, revised 11/4/2005

Employer: Commander, Policy and Planning Bureau, Waynesboro Police Department

Levin, Matthew email:

--listed 01/17/1996, revised 08/17/1999

Lewis, Barry email:

Employer: State of Texas --listed 2/20/2004

Other info: lived in Staunton area in 68 attending elementary school

Lewis, Cathy email:

--listed 03/17/2002

Lewis, Donna K email:

Employer: UTP --listed 12/25/2001

Lilly, R. J. email:

--listed 04/29/2003

Lindqvist, Jennie email:

--listed 11/06/1999

Lyszaz, Christopher J. email:

Home Page:

Employer: Outback Heating, Inc --listed 04/10/2008

Other info: Heatmor Stainless Steel Outdoor Furnace Distributor

Mahler, Marvin C., Jr., P.E. email:

Employer: Commonwealth of Virginia --listed 01/26/2000

Marner, Wesley email:

Virginia Tech --listed 09/05/1996

Marotta, Andy email:

Employer: Purdue University --listed 06/03/1999, revised 06/19/2000

Marren, Brad email:

--listed 07/10/2000

Martin, Will email:

Employer: Kroger Manufacturing, Atlanta GA --listed 11/15/1999

Mask, Charlotte email:

--listed 05/13/2001

Mason, Floyd R. email:

--listed 06/06/1996

Matthews, Brenda email:

Employer: Greensville County School Board --listed 10/06/2000

Matthews, Lee Ann email:

Employer: Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co., Marietta, GA --listed 03/17/2001

Mattingly, Frank email:

Home Page:

Employer: The Sampson Eagon Inn --listed 06/26/1999

Maxwell, Dave email:

Employer: Sperry in Charlottesville --listed 11/07/2002

Other: Lived above Gypsy Hill Park for some time, very nice, love your city!!!!!!

Mays, Sean email:

Employer: University of Virginia Alderman Library --listed 01/02/1996

McCabe, Jim email:

Employer: WVIR TV NBC 29 --listed 05/13/2001

McCauley, Brian email:

Employer: New Horizon Van Lines --listed 03/02/1999

Pannell-McConnell, Donna email:

Employer: Wave 7 Optics Inc. Atlanta, Ga, Robert E Lee Class of '86 --listed 11/19/2000, revised 07/29/2001

McCormick, C. Scott email:

Employer: Fisher Parts --listed 07/10/2000, revised 12/22/2004

McCrory, Jim email:

Employer: Mary Baldwin College --listed 07/14/1996

McGuffin, Bonnie J. email:

Employer: Western State Hospital --listed 07/21/1999, revised 1/26/2006

McMahon, Jim email:

--listed 06/10/1999

Medina, Nicole email:

--listed 06/19/2000, revised 07/10/2000

Metraux, David email:

Personal Home Page:

Student: Syracuse University --listed 06/05/1997, revised 11/01/1999

Metzgar, Mari email:

Employer: AEGON Direct Marketing, Plano Texas --listed 12/19/2000, revised 03/12/2002

Mich, Richard email:

Employer: Kenosha County Sheriff Dept. --listed 05/20/2002

Middlekauff, George email:

Employer: Wayn-Tex Inc.

Miller, Bill email:

Employer: The Rockingham Group --listed 07/19/1996, revised 12/28/2002

Miller, Michael L. email:

Employer: Self --listed 03/26/1999

Mink, J.J. email:

--listed 01/05/2000

Mininberg, Elliot email:

--listed 11/07/2001

Minor, Nicholas email:

--listed 06/19/1999

Monroe, Kenneth R., Jr. email:

--listed 11/19/2000

Moody, Bob email:

Employer: Moody Associates; fundraising, insurance, investments --listed 06/05/1996, revised 11/06/1999

Moon, Greg email:

Employer: University of Virginia School of Medicine, graduate Lee 1969 --listed 02/18/2001

Morgan, Chris email:

--listed 12/08/1999

Morris, Danny email:

Personal home page:

Employer: Real Estate Plus --listed 05/14/1999, revised 03/25/2001

Munsey, Ph.D., William email:

Employer: Blue Ridge Community College --listed 07/20/1996

Musser, Sonja email:

Employer: University of Arizona --listed 02/28/2002

Other: R. E. Lee '86, MBC, '93, UVa '95

Narduzzi, Lacie email:

--listed 09/26/2000

Neil, Chris email:

Personal home page:

Employer: Harrisonburg/Rockingham Community Services Board --listed 05/09/1996, revised 04/29/2003

Nelson, Brian E. email:

Employer: U. S. NAVY --listed 03/17/2001

Nicely, Jay & Bobbi email:

Employer: UPS / Poly-Bond --listed 03/08/1999

Nimax, Gary email:

--listed 05/14/1996

Nuckles, Jr., Gilmer email:

Employer: The Mattie Corporation --listed 11/08/1995

Nulty, Adam email:

--listed 08/01/2002

Oaks, Bill and Ann email:


Self Employed --listed 10/03/2003

Owners of AB Luxury Suburban Airport & Limousine Service,L.L.C.

Obaugh, Susan email:

Librarian, Wilson Memorial High School --listed 03/05/1996, revised 12/28/2002

O'Brien (McCormick), Rana Karyn email:

Employer: U.S. Department of Education --listed 09/28/1999

O'Connor, Lorraine email:

--listed 03/13/2000

Ohlinger, Martin email:

Employer: University of Toledo --listed 03/12/2002

Owen, Roderic L. email:

Employer: Mary Baldwin College --listed 04/16/1996

Page, Kenneth C. email:

Employer: Retired --listed 05/20/2002

Painter, Ron & Pat email:

Retired from VDOT, Employer: Staunton City Schools --listed 12/23/1995

Palmer, Ed email:

Employer: Genicom Corp. --listed 12/10/1995

Palmer, Nancy email:

Employers: ALS Real Estate & Delegate S. Vance Wilkins --listed 10/13/1995

Parks, Jereme email:

Employer: Hardee's --listed 10/04/1999

Pauley, Kristen M. email:

Employer: Student-Buffalo Gap High School --listed 02/18/2001

Pemberton, Sharon email:

Employer: The Hewitt Soap Co. / ASR --listed 04/13/1999

Pendleton Knott, Laura email:

University of Virginia --listed 08/14/1996, revised 03/19/2001

Perry, IV, William J. email:

Employer: Retired geologist, U.S. Geological Survey --listed 11/15/1999

Petrosino, Rose email:

Employer: Accredited Home Lenders, Atlanta, GA --listed 05/20/2002

Phelps, Dwight C. email:

Employer: Genicom Corp. --listed 11/05/1995

Phillips, Matthew email:

Employer: --listed 09/26/2000, revised 11/07/2001

Piner, Alex email:

Employer: Moving Clouds --revised on 11/07/2002, again 12/10/2002

Pitsenbarger, David email: (work) (home)

Employer: Raytheon Company (formerly Hughes Aircraft Co.) --listed 05/13/2001, revised 05/30/2003

Plant, Rick & Mary Beth email:

Employer: Mary Baldwin College --listed 07/10/2000

Plante, Jerry email:

Employer: none --listed 08/01/2000

Powell, Anne email:

--listed 03/10/1999, updated 11/07/2002

Puckett, PhD, Elizabeth email:

Personal home page:

Employer: James Madison University --listed 07/27/2000

Quimby, Laura email:

Employer: FAA, Washington, DC --listed 12/25/2001, revised 12/28/2002

Other Info; Graduate of MBC in 1996, lived in Staunton until 1999. Now living in Reston, Virginia and working in D.C.

Quist, Jim email:

Home Page:

Employer: Coowner, Quist Appraisals, LLC --listed 04/29/2003, revised 3/15/12004

Other: Appraiser, also agent with Prudential Commonwealth Realty, Lexington

Quist, Susan email:

Employer: Coowner, Quist Appraisals, LLC --listed 12/19/2000, revised 3/15/2004

Ralston, Daniel L. email:

Employer: USMC --listed 09/28/1999

Ratzlaff, Mark email:

Buffalo Gap Class of '85 --listed 09/21/1996

Reardon, Wendy email:

--listed 11/07/2001

Regone, Kit A. email:

Employer: U. S. Treasury --listed 07/10/2000

Reid, John F. email:

Home Page:

Employer: Agricultural Engineering, University of Illinois, R.E.Lee Class of '75 --listed 08/01/2000

Rexrode, Roger and Kim email:

Employer: Mckee Foods Corporation --listed 03/17/2001

Reynolds, Bethany email:

Employer: at home mother --listed 08/01/2002

Reynolds, Tracey email:

Employer: Fisher Auto Parts --listed 08/01/2002

Ricketts, Chuck email:

Employer: Allen & Carwile, P.C. --listed 04/04/1996

Riley, Gary email:

Employer: The Salvation Army --listed 11/19/2000

Riley, John email:

Employer: Johns Computer Service --listed 07/27/2000

Rodriquez, Ruben email:

Employer: NCH --listed 10/03/2003

Other: 1994 Lee High School graduate looking for Class Reunion

Roscher, Tim email:

Employer: Commonwealth Financial Advisors --listed 05/05/2003, revised 10/03/2003

Other: Owner of a Virginia Beach Financial Advisory Firm, lived in area from 1980-1982 while attending Elizabeth Brant School of Business

Rowe, David email:

Employer: Nibco of VA, volunteer fire fighter Swoope --listed 11/19/2000

Ruiz, Eduardo email:

Home Page:

Employer: student --listed 12/19/2000

Rule, Billy email:

Employer: Rule Volkswagen, Inc. --listed 11/08/1999

Runion, Bob email:

Employer: McDonalds --listed 07/10/2000

Rusnak, John F. email:

Employer: Walgreen's, Orlando, Fl --listed 05/13/2001

Rutan, Julie email:

Employer: King & Queen Central High School --listed 10/19/1999, revised 03/25/2001

Ryan, Naomi email:

--listed 11/30/1999

Sabados, Alexis email:

Employer: Staunton Correctional Center --listed 03/12/2002

Sandridge, Allen email:

Employer: University Outpost Bookstore --listed 06/26/1999

Santos, Nicolas Mortera email:

--listed 02/28/2002

Sarbin, Anne email:

Employer: CFW Communications Company --listed 12/29/1995

Sarbin, Rich email:

Employer: Genicom Corp. --listed 12/29/1995

Sayers, Charlie email:

Employer: Buffalo Gap High School --listed 06/05/1997

Schmitt, Mike email:

Home Page:

Employer: Va Biotech --listed 02/18/2001

Schmalz, Nicole email:

Employer: Comfort Inn-Staunton --listed 03/17/2001

Schrauder, Mike and Judith email:

Personal Home Page

Employer: Specialty Blades, Inc. --listed 03/17/1999, revised 03/17/2001

Shanks, Sonny email:

Personal home page:

--listed 08/01/1999, modified 1/5/2004

Sheffey, Thomas email:

Lynchburg College --listed 09/11/1996

Sherrill, Trey email:

Employer: Datalight (Bothell, Washington) --listed 02/28/2002

Other: Graduated Lee High (74) Blue Ridge(76) VaTech (78)

Shiflett, Tracey D. email:

Employer: Staunton Volunteer Fire Dept. --listed 06/10/1996

Shoemaker, Ken email:

Employer: Retired engineer, ASR --listed 12/01/1995, revised 04/29/2003

Showalter, Lloyd B. email:

Employer: Alcoa Grottoes Plastics Plant --listed 08/02/1999, revised 11/18/2005

Other: independently wealthy Mac addict

Shuey, Megan email:

--listed 03/17/2001

Simpson, Linda J. email:

--listed 11/07/2001

Sisson, Clinton email:

Employer: Staunton Marketplace --listed 06/05/1997

Smith, Ben email:

Employer: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution --listed 04/02/1996

Smith, Crystal email:

Employer: Augusta County --listed 03/12/2002

Smith, Greg & Lina email:

Employers: Hon Company/Grace Christian School --listed 08/01/1999, revised 11/19/2000

Snider, April email:

--listed 02/18/2001

Snyder, Lori email:

--listed 12/03/1995, revised 11/14/2008

Sondrol, Cortney email: and

Employer: State Farm --listed 11/19/2000, revised 10/03/2003

Springer, Mikol-Jon D. email:

--listed 06/19/2000

Springsteen, Walter email:

Employer: retired --revised 06/19/2000

Sprouse, Daniel email:

Employer: Disabled --listed 08/01/1999

Sprouse, Rita email:

Employer: Unique Touch Traveling Hair Design --listed 03/17/2001

Stagner, Lisa email:

Employer: self --listed 02/16/2000

Stamp, Alan J. email: or

Employer: National City Mortgage --listed 10/26/1995, revised 02/28/2002

Stansberry, P.J. email:

Employer: VDOT --listed 06/19/2000

Stark, W. J. email:

--listed 04/03/2000

Stansberry, William Paul email:

Employer: student @ Riverheads High School --listed 06/29/1999

Staton, Connie H. email:

Staunton, Audrey email:

--listed 03/17/2000

Staunton, Brendan email:

Employer: self employed --listed 05/13/2001, revised 04/29/2003

Other: Irishman living in London, a/c engineer

Staunton, John email:

--listed 01/26/2000

Staunton, John email:

Employer: Hilltop Associates --listed 04/14/2000

Staunton, Paul email:

Employer: Data Solutions --listed 07/26/1996

Steese, Angelique Bowers email:

Employer: Community Health Educator, RN --listed 11/19/2000

Stewart, Pat email:

Employer: i raise albino parakeets --listed 01/09/2001

Stinehart, Ph.D., Kathleen email:

Employer: Mary Baldwin College, Dean for Academic Outreach --listed 11/24/1995, revised 11/06/1999

Stockdon, Marc Hampton email:

Employer: Henrico County Public Schools --listed 07/27/2000

Stover, Susan L. email:

Employer: American Safety Razor --listed 06/18/1996

Strassler, Frank email:

Employer: Virginia Tech, Dept. of Architecture --listed 06/24/1996

Strickler, Jay email:

Home Page:

Employer: Stricks Stretches Limousine Service --listed 11/19/2000

Stump, David email:

Employer: New Garden Landscape Design, Greensboro, NC --listed 12/25/2001

Sturm, Beverly P. email:

Employer: Stuart Hall School --listed 09/26/2000

Suddeath, Heather email:

Employer: student --listed 02/18/2001

Suddeath, Ricky email:

Employer: Neuman Aluminum USA -listed 02/18/2001

Swats, Jeff & Shirley email:

--listed 11/07/2002

Tabor, Dan email:

Home Page:

Employer: Self employed --listed 10/03/2003

Taylor, Brent email:

Employer: Mary Baldwin College --listed 09/11/1995, revised 12/27/2002

Thompson, Jo Ann Rice email:

Other Info: seeking relatives of Phyllis Biel --listed 04/10/2008

Tillman, Kathleen email:

Employer: Student --listed 02/28/2002

Tipler, Eric email:

Employer: recent Harvard grad, looking for the 'right job' --listed 06/02/1999, revised 11/01/1999

Trescot, Andrea email:

Employer: Shenandoah Valley Pain Clinic --listed 11/26/1995

Troehler, Suz email:

--listed 11/15/1999

Truett, Lawrence email:

Home Page:

Employer: --listed 06/19/2000

Truxell, Jeff email:

Employer: WalMart --listed 05/20/2002

Turner, Michael A. email:

Employer: Virginia Employment Commission --listed 03/01/2004

Uggen, Ph.D., John F. email:

Seeking Civil War Information --listed 12/15/1995

VanFossen Danner, Donna email:

Employer: retired from Henrico County Public Schools --listed 08/30/1996, updated 4/22/2004

Varner, Mike email:

Employer: Crowe, Chizek and Company LLP (Elkhart, Indiana) --listed 11/07/2002

Other: Robert E. Lee '90 - Bridgewater College '94

Vass, Marc email:

Student: R.E. Lee High School --listed 11/05/1995

Vass, Thomas C. email:

Employer: Genicom Corp. --listed 11/05/1995

Wade, Judy email:

Personal Home Page:

Employer: Judy's Notions --listed 04/29/2003

Other: 1967 Graduate of Riverheads High

Warren, Hal email:

Personal Home Page:

Employer: American Psychological Association --listed 09/04/1995

Wells, Eric S. email:

Employer: Arlington YMCA Gymnastics --listed 04/25/2000

Wessner, James email:

Other: Senior Technical Writer and Editor --listed 08/01/2002

Wheaton, Craig email:

Employer: Kilpatrick Stockton LLP --listed 09/28/1999

Whisman, Matthew B. email:

Employer: TZ,LLC - Adventures in Advertising, Promotional Products --listed 11/07/2001

White, Cyndi and Greg email:

Employer: UVa hospital/ Dana Corporation --listed 06/19/1999

White, Frank Thomas, Jr. email:

Employer: Fairfax County Government --listed 3/18/2004

White, Warren email:

Employer: Re/Max Advantage --listed 10/03/2003

Other: Re-Bath of Shenandoah

Whitescarver, Robert & Lisa email:

--listed 12/27/1995

Whitfield, John E. email:

Employer: Blue Ridge Legal Services, Inc. --listed 04/29/2003

Wilkerson, David L. email:

Employer: Scott County Hospital --lsited 08/01/2002

Wilkerson, Kem & Deborah email: or

University of North Dakota --listed 09/24/1996, revised 12/10/2002

Williams, John H., Jr. email:

Home Page:

Employer: Williams Professional Computer Consulting, Inc. --listed 10/04/1999

Williams, JDavyd and Vanessa email:

Home Page:

Employer: UVA for JDavyd, Mill Street Grill for Vanessa --listed 05/30/2003

Willis, Barbara Moyer email:

--listed 03/12/2002

Wilson, Joseph D. email:

Employer: Sherwin Williams Inc --listed 08/01/2002

Other: R.E. Lee class of 1993

Wilson, Samuel D. email:

Employer: Charlie Obaugh --listed 11/14/2003

Wimer, Curtis L. email:

--listed 10/02/1995

Windsor, John F. email:

Employer: Retired pilot, U.S. Air Force --listed 09/28/1999, revised 1/23/2005

Wisely, Steve email:

--listed 02/10/1996

Wolfe, D. Douglas email:

Employer: County of Augusta, Department of Community Development --listed 04/07/1996, revised 12/27/2002

Wood, Jack email: (work)

Employer: Sony Electronics, Inc --listed 01/05/2000, revised 12/27/2002

Wood (Johnson), Todd & Tara email:

Employer: Riddleberger Brothers &Genicom LLC, a wonderful daughter Kyrsten Morgan Wood --listed 08/12/2001

Woodard, David Dean email:

Employer: Ingleside --listed 11/15/1999

Woodard, Janie email:

--listed 11/07/2001

Yoder, Amy email:

Employer: Ryland Woodworks --listed 05/30/2000

Zimmerman, Keith B. email:

Employer: Poly-Bond, Inc. --listed 06/11/1996, revised 04/10/2000

Zwecker, Lisa "Potter" email:

Employer: DePaul Family Services, Inc --listed 08/17/1999, revised 10/03/2003

Other: 1986 graduate of Robert E. Lee High School

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