116th Infantry Regiment (USARS)
"The Stonewall Brigade"
500 Thornrose Avenue, Staunton, VA  24401-0500

The regiment is organized under the regulations governing the United States Army Regimental System (USARS).  Many 'recreated' living history units use this name for educational and historical purposes. However, there is ONLY one real "Stonewall Brigade" serving Virginia and the Nation since 1742.

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The Regiment has a long history of service expressed in our Lineage and Honors.  The two most famous incidents of service are at the Battle of First Manassas during the War of Succession and the assault on the Beaches of Normandy at Omaha beach during World War II.  The statue of BG Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson is at the battlefield of First Manassas and it was in this battle that we earned our nickname.

The Regiment has a muster of all members each year on the Saturday of Veterans Day weekend.  All members who are listed in the Regimental roster are sent an invitation.  If you are a member and haven't received your invitation, please let the know.  We will add you to the roster and send you an invitation.  On this same weekend, we have a golf tournament and a 5K race to promote comradarie and make our presence felt in the community.  We haven't kept up with some people so if you know where they are now, please feel free to bring us up to date.

Battle of Point Pleasant Commemoration - On October 10, 1774, at what some have called the first battle of the American Revolution, in Lord Dunmore's War, the Augusta County Regiment was encamped at what is now Point Pleasant, West Virginia.  They were nearly surprised by members of several Native American tribes lead by Chief Cornstalk.  Each year, on the weekend closest to October 10, the battle is commemorated at the battlefield park in Point Pleasant, WV and the Brigade sends a contingent to represent the Regiment.

We are supported in our endeavors by the 116th Infantry Regiment Foundation, Incorporated.  This non-profit group was founded by members of the regiment to fund charitable activities to educate the community about and promote the history of regiment.  Whether or not you are a member, we hope that you will take a moment to consider donating in memory of those who have given their all to defend freedom.

To contact the Regiment you can either clink on the link at any officer?s name to e-mail that officer OR you can call 540-213-4667 and speak to a volunteer or leave a message OR you can write to 116th Infantry Regiment, ATTN:  Adjutant, 500 Thornrose Avenue, Staunton, VA  24401-0500.



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