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The 116th Infantry Regiment Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization under the provisions of Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Our mission is to recognize and support veterans and current members of the Regiment through education of the communities from which the Regiment has been drawn and support of the 116th Infantry Regiment (USARS).

Donations are needed and always appreciated.  Please send yours to:  116th Infantry Regiment Foundation, Inc., ATTN:  Treasurer, 500 Thornrose Avenue, Staunton, VA  24401-0500


To contact the Foundation you may either use the link with most Board member names to e-mail OR call 540-213-4667 to speak to a volunteer or leave a message OR you can write to 116th Infantry Regiment Foundation, Inc., ATTN:  Secretary, 500 Thornrose Avenue, Staunton, VA  24401-0500


116th Infantry Regiment Museum


Captain Randolph Porterfield Hart Memorial Library



We also want to thank our individual donors (Have you made your contribution?):



Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hart




Ruth and Onnie Bailey

Barent K. Parslow

Post 64 29th Division Association



Hobart M Addington

Lewis K. Carter

Bruce G. Grover

 John E. Hornberger

Robert J. Keating


Sally McDevitt

Theodore G. Shuey, Jr.

Thompson C. Smith

Thomas T. Thompson

Randall Turner



Bradford S. Adams

Alvin Y. Bandy

Van T. Barfoot

Charles Branham

Rudolph Bumgardner

Vincent L. Cable

Donald P. Casapulla

Roscoe C. Chase

S. Glenn Doss

Dupont Community Credit Union

Norman E. Elmore

Marvin E. Farmer

George H. Garber

Samuel R. Gay

John H. Graves

Norman F. Grossman

Glenwood E. Hankins

Bennie D. Hartman

Thomas T. Henderson

Ralph E. Hickman

Hollister, Inc.

Vernon R. Jones

Leon U. Laux

Audry S. Lee

Luis A. Morales

Johnny E. Murray, Jr.

Charles H. Neighbor

Evarts W. Opie

Melvin C. Pearson

Robert T. Saunders

Roger C. Shultz

Evelyn M. Smith

Gilbert J. Sullivan

Otha G. Taylor

Hilda Turner

Peter R. Viemeister



(less than $50)


Charles W. Aldridge

Victor G. Balajthy

Dr. Harold Baumgarten

Judith A. Berry

Jonathan A. Billings

Roger Boucher

Robb P. Brem

Hugh L. Byrd

Paul E. Calvert

W. E. Cox

Randall L. Craig

Lester B. Cundiff

Bennie Dancey

Robert J. Deegan

Joseph H. Dougherty

Paul R. Durland

Rick Fechtman

Alan Flippin

Eric L. Fitzgerald

Edwin E. Gardner

Samuel R. Gay

Keith D. Gearheart

John P. Hannas

Charles M. Harris

Dr. Douglas O. Hill

W. A. Hudson

Lewis C. Huff

Daniel E. Karnes

Jackie R. Kelley

William H. Lewis

William H. Logan

Jody L. Martin

Donald A. McCarthy

Jessie W. McCraw

Hugh A. McLaughlin

Rodney W. McNeil

John E. McQuaid

Lloyd M. Meyers

Suzanne K. Miller

Thomas L. Morgan

Bernard W. Nider

Trafford D. Nunley

Michael E. Pannell

Wayne L. Patteson

Frank L. Pioli

John Plechuck

Mario A. Porcellini

Thomas F. Powers

Johnny S. Price

Woody W. Ramsey

William F. Reinhold

Carolyn E. Ringold

John W. Robertson

Leroy U. Rudasill

William M. Scott

Welford C. Simmons

John R. Slaughter

Hugh B. Sproul III

Russell T. Stover

Gary R. Strosnider

Stephen Wandler

Hugh Wills

Landon G. Wilkes

Geneva Wiseman

Stewart P. Wood

We would like to see this list grow.  To find out how you or your business can honor volunteer soldiers of the 116th Infantry Regiment from 1742 to today, please contact our .

Special Events

Annual Muster

116th Infantry Regiment 5K Race

Herbert L. Turner Memorial Golf Tournament




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