116th Infantry Regiment (USARS)
34th Annual Muster
(November 10, 2001)
The 34th Annual Muster of the Regiment was a success.  Excellent speakers, many veterans, good friends and good food combined to make this year's muster a memorable event.  Pictures provided courtesy of the State PAO, LTC Carter.
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Remembrance Ceremony
A Roll Call for the Past Year

Flag Folding Ceremony
Remembering all who died in service.

Guest Speaker, John O. Marsh
Proposed using the National Guard for Homeland Defense.

Veterans of WWII

BG Seldon, Hon. Mr. Marsh & Speedy Hite share a memory.

MG Claude Williams, TAG-VA, making a point about Bob Slaughter.
MG Williams and LTG Shultz
The TAG-VA and Director NGB honored us with their presence.
MG Williams, Bob Slaughter, & LTG Shultz
SSG Bob Slaughter was honored for his work on the Bedford memorial.


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